"My wit is like your legs,” said Xochi. “It would be selfish of me to keep it hidden.” 
-Xochi Kessler, Partials.

Xochi Kessler is one of the adopted daughters of Nandita Merchant, and is an adopted sister of the protagonist, Kira Walker, and is a very open person. She wanted to help Kira in her mission to capture a Partial, but wasn't particularly skilled.

Personality Edit

Xochi is a very outgoing and open person. Kira says that she can be a delightfully snotty person when she puts her mind to it. Xochi is also a slightly impulsive person, but despite her bold personality, she cares for her friends and family.

Xochi loves to listen to digital music players. They were palm-size tablets of metal and plastic and glass, on which their former owners had stored hour after hour of every kind of music imaginable. Xochi had collected nearly a hundred of them.