The Trust are the leaders of the Partial army. The Partials believed them to be generals and doctors who stepped up to lead them after the Break, but in truth they are the scientists that created the Partial and the virus that came known as RM.


In 2051, the ParaGen board asked their main scientists to create an advanced species of super soldiers that became the first ever Partial models. the scientist knew they were creating thinking, feeling beings, but the government demanded a type of kill switch to kill the infantry men if they became too much to control. The Trust knew then that the human race would not except them as people, rather second class citizens, and cracked a plan. They made an expiration date for Partials and the RM virus for humans that, if the species could coexist, would cure each other.

But the RM virus was far more deadly than they anticipated, and it ended up killing 99% of the world population. This became known as the Break. The members scattered, some consumed in guilt, some committing suicide, some betraying humans and leading the Partials to another cure for their expiration, some killing humans and Partials alike to make a new species, and some altering climate and seasons to help them deal with their guilty conscience.

They gave up hope and abandoned their morality, and the humans recognized them a mass murderers, refusing to claim their own faults. This is before one girl discovered their plan 13 years later...

Known MembersEdit

-- Armin Dhurvasula (deceased)

-- Graeme Chamberlain (deceased)

-- Jerry Ryssdal (deceased)

-- McKenna Morgan

-- Nandita Merchant

-- Kioni Trimble (deceased)

-- Cronus Vale (deceased)