The Partials Sequence is a s
Partials sequence

The books in the series

eries of books by author Dan Wells. The books center around a bunch of teenagers, who are trying to find a cure for the mysterious and deadly virus called RM. At the center of all of this is Kira Walker, a medic in-training who, unable to take any more babies dying of the virus, gathers her closest friends in attempt to find a cure. She does find it in a Partial called Samm, however, her decisions have dire consequences that will put her and the human race in danger.

The BooksEdit


The prequel to Partials. The book takes place two decades before the series, where the world was still in the midst of The Isolation War. It explains the development of the Partial race and it also takes you through the very front lines of the war, told through the eyes of Heron, a newly developed Partial by ParaGen.

Format: ebook
Edition Language: English
Pages: 75
Published: August 28th, 2012


Partials is the first book in the Partials Sequence series by Dan Wells. It follows sixteen year old Kira Walker as she lives and adventures through a world rampaged and destroyed by a deadly virus called RM along with her friends.

Format: Hardcover, Paperback, ebook
Pages: 468 (Hardcover), 338 (ebook), 470 (paperback)
Edition Language: English
ISBN: 0062071041


The second book in the series. It follows Kira, who has now left East Meadow, soon accompanied by two other Partials, Samm and Heron and one new ally, Afa Demoux, a former employee of ParaGen.

Editions: Hardcover, ebook
ISB: 0062071076
Pages: 564
Edition Language: English

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