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Kira Walker

Fan art

Kira Walker
Kira Walker (Dhurvasula)
16-17 (First Book)

16-17 (Second Book)

17-18 (Third Book)
Armin Dhurvasula (father/creator)

Nandita Merchant - (adoptive mother)

Madison Sato - (adoptive sister)

Isolde (adoptive sister)

Ariel (adoptive sister)

Xochi Kessler (adoptive sister)

Marcus Valencio (ex boyfriend / best friend)

Samm (boyfriend)

I am stronger than my trials.

—Kira Waker

Kira Walker is the protagonist of the Partial Sequence. She is a Partial that is from the latest model. These models age, only heal a little faster than humans but are slow just like normal humans, unlike more powerful Partials such as Samm and Heron. These models also carry the Failsafe, a virus that only affects the Partials. Kira is a girl who can't stand seeing an innocent injured and will rush to help the, even if it means risking her life.

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Kira walker

This fanart was made by Kathleen Kelley. [1]

As described by Dr. Morgan, she is said to be five feet and ten inches tall. She has jet-black hair and has an Indian descent. She is light skinned, and approximately weighs 118 pounds.

Personality Edit

Kira is a compassionate, yet a strong girl. At times of fear and problems, she always tells herself that she is stronger than her trials, and manages to come out of the problem. Sometimes, Kira doesn't think with her brain, but with her heart. Although most of the times, she makes her decisions logically and carefully.