Calix is one of the leaders of the land across the divide, and an ally of Kira. In fragments, Calix was shot on the leg by Heron, resulting in her needing a wheelchair.

Personality Edit

Calix has a very bold personality. When the Partials (who were producing the RM cure) had to be released and nursed, the people didn't agree (as they thought that Partials only meant for bad things to happen). But even though Calix was in a wheelchair, she gave an order for the Partials to be nursed and no one could deny it.

Calix is a very brave, strong and confident girl. She cares a lot about the humans living across the divide, but doesn't let her past knowledge blind her to see the other side of things. This is why she understood that not all Partials are bad.

Appearance Edit

Calix is a slim, sixteen year old girl. She has blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail.